Mojito BBQ Shrimp

Mojito BBQ Shrimp

Prep & Cook Time: 20 Minutes + Marinade time
Serves 4

1 2lbs bag - Rock Harbour Black Tiger Raw EZ-Peel Shrimp, thawed as per package instructions

Lime zest and juice from 2 limes

1 tbsp - Garlic powder

2 tbsp  - Olive oil

1 tbsp - Sugar

20 Mint leaves, finely chopped

2oz - White rum


1.    Optional to pre peel the shrimp or leave the shellson. Place the shrimp into a large mixing bowl.

2.    Add lime zest to the bowl of shrimp.

3.    Add garlic powder, olive oil, juice from 1 lime,sugar, mint and white rum to the bowl of shrimp. Allow to marinade for at least2 hours up to overnight.

4.    Preheat your grill and keep it on high for 15minutes.

5.    Gently place the shrimp on the grill and cookfor 2-3 minutes on each side. Squeeze fresh lime juice to finish.

Black Tiger Shrimp