Fish Fillets
Miso Maple Cedar Plank Salmon

Miso Maple Cedar Plank Salmon

Serves 4

Rock Harbour Salmon Fillet x 1

1 Cedar Plank – Pre-soaked for at least 2 hrsup to 24 hrs.

Miso x 3 tbsp

Maple syrup x 1/3 cup

Sambal chili x 2 tbsp

Soy sauce x 2 tbsp

Lime wedge x half


1.    Add miso and maple syrup to a small bowl and mix until combined and has a smooth texture. Add sambal chili and soy sauce, mix well and set the marinade aside.

2.    Remove wrapping from the salmon. In the same tray it comes in, place the salmon back in the tray and spoon over the marinade and brush over the flesh side.

3.    Heat up the grill to medium high heat. Place cedar plank on the bbq grill and close the lid. Allow the plank to char and create a smoky smell. Approx. 5-7 minutes.

4.    Place the salmon fillet on the cedar plank skin side down. Turn the heat down to medium heat. Brush with the marinade again and close the lid.

5.    Total cooking time will be about 20 minutes. In stages approx. every 5-7 minutes, brush some more marinade on the salmon. The marinade will start to penetrate the salmon and build more flavour as it caramelizes. As it comes to a finish, squeeze fresh lime overtop. Garnish it with fresh herbs and serve directly on the cedar plank

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet
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