Lobster Benedict

Lobster Benedict

PREP and COOK TIME: 45-60 min
Serves 4 benedicts

1 bag Rock Harbour lobster claws & arms

6.5 cups water

4 tbsp white vinegar

4 eggs

2 English muffin

Handful arugula

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice


1 cup butter

3 tbsp white wine vinegar

15 pc black peppercorns

¾ tbsp shallot

1 egg yolk

1.5 dash Worcestershire sauce

2 dashes tobacco

Pinch cayenne

1/2 tbsp lemon juice

Season to taste salt



1.    Grab a small pot, clarify butter for 30-40min, strain after it has separated. To save time, do this step ahead of time and keep clarified butter in the fridge ready for use.

2.    Slice shallots.

3.    Grab another small pot and medium sized mixing bowl. Add white wine vinegar, peppercorns, and sliced shallots to small pot. Reduce by 4. You want to be left with a strong liquid.When it’s ready, strain directly into a medium sized mixing bowl and set aside.

4.    You will need a few tools for this step. A small tray, scissors, and something pointy. Crack the Rock Harbour lobster claws & arms and remove meat, set aside.

For the Hollandaise:

5.    Grab a medium sized pot and fill with water leaving 4 inches from the top. Place on low-medium heat on the stove. You want a light simmer. This is your double boiler.

6.    Grab a whisk and your set aside bowl with your reduction. Add egg yolk and place on top of the double boiler. Bowl should not touch the water, if it is then discard some water. Whisk vigorously until egg yolk and reduction has doubled in volume. Be careful not to allow egg yolk mixture to get too hot or it will scramble. You can do this by removing your bowl from the double boiler from time to time but continuing to whisk.

7.    Slowly drizzle in butter until sauce begins to thicken and double in volume. Reserve some butter for heating up the lobster claws & arms and toasting English muffin.  

8.    Season with Worcestershire, tobacco, cayenne, lemon juice and a bit of salt. Set aside in a warm spot.

9.    Using the same medium sized pot, discard water and add 6.5 cups water, white vinegar and bring to a simmer.

Eggs and assembly:

10.  Grab 2 small bowls and 2 crack eggs. 1 egg per bowl. Gently place eggs into water. Repeat with 2 other eggs. Cook for approximately 3 minutes.Grab a small tray and place some paper cloth underneath it. Using a slotted spoon if you have one scoop eggs out.

11.  Using the same pot from the melted butter add lobster and some leftover butter. Gently warm up lobster.

12.  Grab a small bowl, add arugula, olive oil, lemon juice and season with salt.

13.  Cut English muffins in half and toast with some butter in a medium sized pan.

14.  Assemble it all together. Place arugula salad on top of your toasted English muffin. Add warm lobster, create a pocket when placing the lobster down for the egg to sit without tipping over. Finish with hollandaise sauce.