Easy Shrimp Linguine

Easy Shrimp Linguine

PREP TIME: 10 min | COOK TIME: 15 min
Serves 4

2 large shallots, thinly sliced or diced

4 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 pint cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

½ cup Italian parsley, finely chopped

2 cups fresh spinach, longer stems removed

1 bag Rock Harbour White Pacific Shrimp P&D

1 box linguine or other pasta (approx. 500g)

1 ½ tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 tbsp butter

¾ tbsp chili flakes

1/3 cup white wine

1 cup heavy cream 35%, optional

1 cup stock, any type works (chicken/fish/veg)

1 tbsp lemon juice


1. Fill a large pot with water and add a few tablespoons of salt, bring to a boil. In the meantime, prep other ingredients. Slice shallots and garlic thinly, slice cherry tomatoes in half and set aside. Chop Italian parsley and set aside. Pick the long stems off the spinach leaves and set aside.

2. When the water is boiling, drop dry pasta in and stir to prevent sticking. Cook until al dente, you are looking for a firm bite.

3. Take the tail shell off the Rock Harbour White Pacific Shrimp and set aside. Drain the noodles out and toss in a little olive oil, set aside.

4. Set a large pan or Dutch oven to medium high heat. Add in olive oil, half the butter, shallots, and garlic. Use a wooden spoon and stir for 30 seconds. Add in the chili flakes and season with a dash of salt and pepper. Deglaze with the white wine. Add shrimp and cook for approximately 1minute each side. Use a pair of tongs to flip each one over or give it a little toss in the pan.

5. Add cherry tomatoes and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Add stock, bring to a boil then add heavy cream. Add pasta noodles and mix it all in together, cook for 2 minutes to combine. Add in spinach and Italian parsley.Toss to ensure the spinach is wilted approximately 1 minute. To finish, add lemon juice, remaining butter, and season to taste.

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